Dust-free wall drilling for electrical wiring

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Gasket strobe chaser

Many of us at least once in our life have come across a complete or partial replacement of electrical wiring.


There are several ways to replace old wiring with a new one in an apartment or a private house:

- The wiring is laid in plastic boxes or a corrugated pipe (metal hose) in an open way;

- Wire lines are laid in grooves.

grooved cableMost of the customers of electrical work prefer this second method of cable routing. However, when carrying out work, there are many inconveniences for the owners. The main problem is the formation of large quantities of cement dust. That is why our electricians use not a grinder (angle grinder) for chipping walls, but a chasing cutter and a powerful construction vacuum cleaner.

With the help of this power tool, which has two diamond blades adjustable in width and cutting depth, it is possible to grind walls for cable laying. The wall chaser has a branch for connecting a powerful construction vacuum cleaner, which automatically turns on together with the chaser.

These construction power tools can be used together to eliminate dust in the room. But this does not mean that there will be no dust at all. There will be much less dust, and the time required for wall chipping is also reduced. Using a wall chaser is very convenient when completely replacing the electrical wiring in an apartment or moving sockets and switches.

Complete replacement of wiring with wall stripping is a necessary set of works for apartments or houses with old wiring. However, the people living there do not always have the opportunity to move to another living space during the renovation. Therefore, many postpone the replacement of emergency wiring; live in apartments, where a short circuit can occur at any time, endangering themselves and their families.

wall chaser at workWhen using a wall chaser with a vacuum cleaner to replace the wiring, customers do not have to move to a temporary living space, take out all the furniture and equipment from the apartment, spoil relations with neighbors due to long noisy work. It will be enough just to cover the furnishings with plastic wrap, and to plan a walk or visit during the noisy work.

You can call an electrician with a professional tool to replace the old wiring by contacting the phones indicated on the website or using the feedback form.

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