Works on replacing wiring in Kiev

Many of us have heard or seen in the media about fires caused by electrical short circuits. So what exactly is a short circuit? In simple words, this is a connection (short circuit) of two wires (different cable cores) of opposite polarity, i.e. "plus" and "minus". In our case, phase and zero.

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When replacing wiring a new electrical panel will be installed.

Electrical installation in an apartment or private house

shtrobyThe wiring diagram in the apartments is almost the same as that used in private homes. Consider what factors an electrician takes into account when conducting a replacement wiring in an apartment or private house in Kiev. What will affect the cost of work?

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We provide services for replacement of old wiring

In private houses, brickwork houses or multi-stores panel buildings, the service life of the wiring is approximately the same, and its duration depends mainly on the load and the quality of the embedded wiring. Therefore, when carrying out repairs, it is necessary to completely replace the old wiring in apartments in which the power grid has not been updated for more than 20 years.

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Switchboard replacement

Replacing wiring - new power distribution box

The distribution box or, in other words, the apartment switchboard is the place where the reception and distribution of the electric power supplying the electrical system of the house is carried out. It contains all the control and protective equipment of the power grid.

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