Wiring in a private house in Kiev and Kiev region

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Wiring is an important stage of repair

Installation of wiring in a private houseBefore starting the finishing work or repairing in any room, especially in a private house, in order to improve comfort and safety, it is necessary to properly install the wiring. Well-designed and safety-relevant wiring provides a long service for electrical appliances, in addition - you can achieve significant energy savings in private homes in Kiev and the Kiev region.

The method of laying the wiring will depend on the place where it passes. Wires and various electrical fittings are selected separately for concealed or open wiring.

One way to perform electrical work in a private house will be laying cables before plastering the walls, after which the junction boxes and junkets are installed, after finishing the plastering works. Then install switches, sockets and other electrical accessories.


Cabling in a private houseThe electrical cable under the plaster should be laid on the walls only vertically or horizontally, avoiding diagonal lying. In the same way, you should choose routes for laying the cable along the floor in pipes or on the ceiling. After a lapse of time, this will allow - relying on the location of the distribution boxes, switches and sockets - to restore the path of the laid wiring and to avoid its damage during any work.

When assembling an apartment or a private house, it is necessary to divide it into power lines, which are separately supplied by energy-consuming consumers (electric stove, electric boiler). In addition, to provide separate cable mains to lighting devices and sockets. Each line must be protected by its own circuit breaker and the group by a differential automatic device (RCD) or relay. Automatic circuit-breakers, RCDs are installed in a switchboard. At the request of the customer, it is possible to provide a protection relay against voltage surges or a voltage regulator.


Power boardCalculate the number of circuits required for wiring in a private house, based on the calculation of the power and quantity of energy consumers. It should be noted that it is better to make more contours than they will be missed. Then, if the power in one of the circuits is broken, the remaining circuits will continue to work. So, for example, if there is a shortage of an electrical appliance, this will not cause the entire house to be de-energized. If necessary, the owners will easily install an additional outlet, and electrical equipment will work more efficiently.

Cable cross-section calculation

Laying of cable linesIt should be noted that for consumers of more power, for example - an electric stove or an electric boiler, conduct wires of a larger cross section. The cable cross-section itself is calculated based on the power consumption. And in the case of consumers having an electric motor, the starting current is also taken into account.

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