When do I need to repair the wiring?

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Repair of electrical wiring

Correct wire switchingIt is very important to start repairing the wiring immediately if there is a problem in the electrical network. It happens that there are problems with the outage of outlets or lighting disappears in the part of the apartment. In these cases, the owner tries to repair the wiring himself or hires specialists. The faster repairs will be performed, the more guarantees that an even larger emergency situation will not occur. For example, in those houses or apartments where there was no replacement or capital repair of the wiring, in Kiev, «Tok Profi» provides repair services or a complete (partial) replacement of the wiring.

Causes of damage to the wiring

Short circuit of the wiringThere are many reasons why the wiring fails. The most common of these are:

- Short circuit. It often occurs due to damage to the insulation of the wires. The main places where short circuits can occur are the areas where the wire is bent. This power supply cable sockets, lamps of lighting devices, places of commutation of wires in junction boxes.

A short circuit can be caused by damage to the insulation of the wiring due to overheating. When connecting multiple electrical appliances to the same socket via extension cords and tees, the socket contacts overheat and the insulation melts.

- Poor contact in the places of commutation of wires. There is a lot of resistance when power is applied. As a result, the wire burns out.

- Accidental damage to the wires during work. This happens when the owners inadvertently mount something on the wall, while touching the hidden electrical wiring.

What to do on your own

Damage to the insulation of wiresSince the power source of the house or apartment is the incoming electrical cable, the first step is to see if the LED light is on the electricity meter. It is an indicator of the electricity meter power supply. Probably, the cause of the absence of voltage was the fire of the connection of the incoming cable with the wire of the air line or in the counter itself. Either power does not come from the transformer substation. If the LED on the meter does not shine, the problem of the lack of lighting can only be solved by the emergency service that serves the electricity supply of the area.

If the indicator light indicates that the power is on the meter, pay attention to the circuit breakers. After disconnecting all home electrical appliances and lighting devices, try switching on and off the circuit breakers several times. The light will appear when the emergency situation was caused by a faulty household appliance or lamp. If there is still no light - further diagnostics should be carried out by a professional electrician.

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