Devices for protecting electrical appliances against voltage surges in the network

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How does the voltage relay work?

We install the necessary devices to protect against power surges.Devices that guarantee high-quality protection devices from critical voltage drops, there is not much - we will determine the most useful ones. It is a relay and a voltage regulator. It can be argued that with the functions assigned to them, they do a good job. Let's first understand what a protection relay against unstable voltage is.

It is installed to provide a simple protection function - when the voltage in the home electrical network increases or falls, the relay trips and completely disconnects the wiring. In the future, the device constantly checks the voltage readings and, if it is within tolerance, the relay automatically starts the power supply.

This system of protection is not always convenient for consumers. As a rule, voltage fluctuations in the home electrical network can last quite a long time - and as a result, the devices remain either permanently de-energized or operate periodically. Set the parameters of the relay will be easy - it has control buttons on the front panel, with which you can adjust the upper and lower voltage values. There is also a small screen for displaying the real voltage readings in the network.

The advantage of the relay is its low cost and reliable operation, but do not forget about possible inconveniences. After all, in the case of unstable operation of the electricity network, this device will leave without a power supply all domestic appliances in the room.

What are the advantages of installing a stabilize

Voltage stabilizer in the mainsCompletely different principle protects home appliances voltage regulator. Having an ultra-sensitive electronics, the automatic stabilizer has many advantages over the protection that the relay performs. With it, the power supply does not stop, and the voltage leveling is converted into a voltage suitable for the safe operation of household electrical appliances.

Now several types of stabilizers are produced - there is only a difference in load power and stabilization methods. Voltage stabilizers need to be connected to a protective earth system, so these devices protect a person from electric shock. In addition, it is additionally possible to secure the person and electrical appliances by installing a protective device for power outage.

What is the use of an RCD

The relay of pressure in the electric systemThis device is intended for both protection of the entire electrical network, and for individual lines. From the name of the RCD, it follows that the appliance is used to disconnect the mains in the event of an accidental leakage of current. And also RCD makes impossible dangerous contact with an electric current at malfunctions of household appliances.

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