You need to hang a chandelier - trust a qualified electrician

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Connect yourself or call a wizard?

Connecting a chandelierEach of us at least once in my life came across the issue of connecting and installing a chandelier.

Let's start with the simplest. First, we collect a chandelier with plafonds and lamps. The assembly drawing is usually attached. In the absence of assembly instructions, use the Internet, your intuition, and best of all - invite a qualified electrician.

After assembling, proceed to the connection of the wires of the chandelier. If the lamp has more than one lamp and the apartment has an appropriate wiring for a two or three-key switch, it is perfectly possible to connect a part of the lamp lamps to a separate switch key. If there is only a one-button switch, the whole chandelier from one switches turns on. It is necessary to measure the resistance with a multimeter and check the luminaire for a short circuit.

Chandeliers are attached to the flow on a hook or on a bar, attached to the ceiling by dowels with screws. Hook or bar must withstand the weight of the chandelier with plafonds and lamps.

Voltage indicator and multimeter are required when connecting a chandelier

Fitting the chandelierNext, connect the chandelier to the electrical network. Determine - which ends of the wires are disconnected by the switches, and which wire is common. As a rule, the circuit breaker switches off the live ends (phase or "L") of brown color, and the wire without voltage is blue. But there are exceptions. Therefore, when connecting the chandelier to the electrical network, it is necessary to use the voltage indicator and faze indicator, it is possible to use a multimeter.

The connection of the lighting fixture to the mains is done only through a special connector. With the usual twisting of the wires, it is possible to burn off the wire at the location of this connection. And, accordingly, you get a non-working chandelier. After connection; we hang the lighting device on the hook or screw it to the mounting plate and close the connection place of the wires, depending on the design of the chandelier. We mount the plafonds and screw the lamps.

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