Installation and connection of the stabilizer

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The stabilizer is an electrical equipment

The stabilizer is an electrical equipment. It is used to automate the regulation of optimal voltage parameters, which are powered by electrical appliances from the network. The voltage stabilizer is needed not only for a city apartment but in country houses and cottages. It is advised by specialists from "Tok Profi".  For example, for residents of private houses in Vasilkov, the installation of stabilizers is necessary because of problems with the quality of the power grid.

Types of stabilizers are divided by the method of regulation. They are divided into smooth and stepped. Smoothly adjustable stabilizers are designed to protect professional medical equipment, communication systems. In this case, choose the device with the least error - so advises you "Tok Profi".For domestic purposes, step-wise ones with an error of 3-4% are quite suitable. In general, home appliances are designed for 8-10%.

The main element of the stabilizer is an adjustable transformer. It stabilizes the parameters of the incoming voltage. Thanks to its operation, the optimum voltage range is established. When the voltage is "jumped" or "dropped", the power is either stabilized or turned off.

What you need to consider when installing the stabilizer

This is a fairly simple procedure; however it requires a minimum experience of electrical work from a person. There are several simple but mandatory steps that must be taken to properly and safely connect this equipment.

Install the equipment (if its permanent operation is planned) it is necessary in a place specially allocated for it. It is not possible to place it in an attic or in a small utility room. It is not possible to place it in the compartment in the built-in closet.

An important condition for the connection and service of the device is dryness and adequate ventilation. Its installation is not permitted near flammable and flammable objects or tanks with chemicals. "Tok Profi" exhorts not to break these regulations. Compliance with the rules will help the consumer prevent a sudden breakdown of the stabilizer. The cause of the failure may be overheating of the powerfulness segment. For good work, we advise you to conduct preventive checks of contact connections.

 What is advised by an electrician from "Tok Profi"

When choosing a device, you require to accept into accounting various parameters: the sort of net, the powerfulness of the device. Only a properly selected device will create conditions for the normal operation of home appliances. It is significant not just to select the right stabilizer. It must be properly connected - then all the equipment connected to it will be protected.

Installation of the stabilizer is carried out only with the power supply de-energized. Switching the device on the whole house or on a part of the outlets is done immediately after the meter. If you have equipment for alternative power supply (generator or inverter with battery) in your house, then the connection of the stabilizer is done before the alternative power source. When testing the stabilizer check everything together with the electrician from "Tok Profi". Work should take place without extraneous noise, crackling.

It is better to install such equipment by qualified electricians.

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