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Economy offer from "Tok Profi"

Economy - service is thought by the masters "Tok Profi" for those customers who can and wish to do the basic wiring on their own, but are not confident in their knowledge to fulfill it 100% correctly.

The electrician is ready to inspect such an object and listen to the intentions of customers. Then, in detail, explain how to make wiring correctly in a given apartment (which cable is needed, what, where and how to conduct, how to perform certain types of electrical work is applicable to the features of this object). The cost of such consultation will be 290 g. Next, the owner of the apartment does all the necessary work independently. At the same time, the master is ready to advise him on the phone for free, to give detailed answers to questions that arise during the entry of works.

When the preliminary stage of the rough wiring is completed, the electrician can check the quality of the work done and generate the wiring harness in the boxes or disconnect the flap. The visit of the master is also paid. The savings consist in the fact that the customer pays for 1-2 days of specialist's work, but receives a qualitative and proven wiring. At the current prices for wiring (you can find out from our price list ) our offer is available for everyone and will help to replace the emergency wiring with a new and safe one.

You can also consider the option when the master and the customer conduct the installation together, and the master tells you how to properly do certain work. Payment in this case will be calculated in accordance with the assessment, which excludes the work done by the customer himself. The economical option provides for saving up to 50% of the funds when paying for work.

" Tok Profi" will be interesting to any other suggestions of our customers.

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