An urgent call of an electrician

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When you need an urgent call of an electrician

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Residents of old houses often complain about wiring problems. You need to turn on the heater or another powerful device - it immediately knocks out plugs, and sometimes worse, when the wires begin to burn. However, this is not surprising, since everything has its own lifespan.

What to do if the light is gone

Does the light turn on in any room in the apartment or does the lighting work in part? This is often due to the fact that the appliance having a malfunction has been inserted into the outlet. Thus, the switch has tripped or burned. Reasons for switching off the circuit breaker may be other situations. When using plug-in outlets, carbon deposits often accumulate, contact melting and heating of joints. The malfunction of the concealed wiring causes a very heated tee when several household appliances of high power operate from it. Sometimes, when the switch is pressed, the relay or key gets stuck. This is due to cracks in the case and broken contacts or molten plates. The cable has the property of being destroyed by negligent construction work, such as drilling, for example. As a result, the sockets may not work.

If the cause of the breakdown is unknown to you, you must take the following steps: turn off the lights in the rooms, disconnect all cables from all household appliances from all outlets and turn on the circuit breaker. If you do not have voltage on the network - you need to call an electrician.

The electrician first establishes the current presence of power in the switchboard. Then he must make sure that there is power at the input, and then take measures to replace the working state of the electrical network.

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