High-quality electrical installation in the new building - where to start

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We plan to conduct electrical work

Wiring in a new buildingFor most buyers who have purchased new housing, an apartment in a new building is not only positive emotions, but also the beginning of an important stage of arrangement of its comfortable little paradise. It should be remembered that every repair in a new room begins with the layout of the wiring. This problem is especially important for apartment owners without finishing works, because the electrician in a new building is one of the first issues in planning a quality repair.

Before starting work on electrical installation, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what, how and where will be placed. The number of electrical points (sockets, switches) will depend on this. Planning the costs of electrical installation is equally important for our customers. On our website there is a convenient online calculator of the cost of work, which allows you to independently calculate the cost of electrical work. Thanks to this, our customers receive a preliminary estimate of the electrical installation. It is important to understand that at the final stages of repair work, adding additional electrical points and laying power cables to them will be very problematic, and the new interior will not at all decorate the network of wires from extension cords.

When repairing the apartment immediately determine the location for the home computer, the place where the router and low-current networks (TV antenna, Internet and telephone cable) will be located. Internet providers, if they take up the laying of cables in apartments, then conduct it in an open manner on the baseboard. Many owners simply forget about this important issue, and subsequently have to lay new cables and re-finish.

Location of electrical fittings and lighting fixtures

Electric installation in the kitchen of a new buildingTo determine the convenience of the location of the switches, it is necessary to become in the entrance opening and imagine that you turn on the light. In addition to places for outlets and switches, there is a concealed supply of electrical wiring to household appliances and lighting devices. How to calculate the optimum number of lamps or sockets? There are no general rules. All calculations are carried out individually, depending on the needs of the owners and the level of illumination for each apartment or room. When planning and installing the power grid, it is also necessary to take into account the rules of fire safety and know that the electrical panel, switches and sockets should be in places that are freely accessible.

How to determine the cost of electrical installation in a new building

Wiring in the bathroom of a new buildingTo calculate the cost of the planned work, it is better to consult with the master, agreeing the number of necessary outlets, switches, location of household appliances and lamps. The electrician will make measurements and calculate the exact cost of works for this apartment. We need to understand that there are no two identical projects for the electric system, since each customer has his own individual wishes for the design of the apartment and filling it with household appliances. Read the content from the price list, which indicates the cost of works that are performed by electricians when conducting electrical installation in a new building. 

Prices for the main types of wiring performed by our electricians at the facilities in new buildings:

Prices for the main types of wiring
#Performed worksQuantityprice
1 Installation of an overhead electric board up to 12 groups of automatons pcs 500UAH
2 Installation of an internal electrical board up to 12 groups of machines without a niche pcs 500UAH
Boring of a concrete wall m / n  150UAH
 Boring of the brick wall m / n  120UAH
5 Installation and connection of an internal socket pcs  90UAH
 Installation and connection of the internal switch pcs  90UAH
Installation and connection of external switch pcs  75UAH
Installation and connection of an external socket pcs  75UAH
Place for an electrical outlet in gypsum cardboard with whole drilling pcs  170UAH
10  Place for an electrical outlet in a brick wall with drilling a whole pcs  200UAH
11  Place for an electrical outlet in concrete with drilling a whole pcs  250UAH
12  Installation of a soldering box in a brick wall pcs  150UAH
13  Installation and connection of fan exhaust pcs  150UAH
14  Installation of a point ceiling lamp pcs  100UAH
15  Installation and connection of a step-down transformer for illumination pcs  190UAH
16  LED strip connection pcs Contract price
17  Installation and connection of dimmer voltage regulator pcs  100UAH



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