Choosing a boiler and connecting it to the electrical network

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Water heaters and their use in everyday life

The boiler also has heating temperature control elements.The accumulator water heater (boiler) will allow you to autonomously organize the supply of hot water to an apartment or a country house. Acquisition and installation of a boiler is a crucial issue - the consultation of an electrician will help you decide.

The device operates on the principle of a thermos, which has a heating. It is a container with a thermal insulation (flask) with a lining on the outside and a heating element inside. The boiler also has heating temperature control elements. It is essential that the flask has a good thermal insulation. The thicker the thermal insulation layer, the less energy is expended for heating and maintaining the water temperature.

Nowadays boilers with two-tariff meters are popular: night and day rates. Particularly common are heaters with electronic control - timers.

The principle of operation of an energy efficient boiler with a timer is simple: put the temperature at night - the boiler heats up at a rate, say, twice as cheap and this water is used by the day, and the boiler itself is no longer included.

Energy efficiency is to keep the heat that has accumulated inside.

A suitable water temperature can be adjusted to the energy required to maintain it. Increase the temperature - the consumption of electricity increases. With the help of the regulator, the water temperature is stored automatically, if necessary, it turns on and off the heating elements. The thermostat can be either external or internal (under the plastic connection cover).

Boiler operation

Water heaters are mounted on the wall with the help of powerful fastenersIn the course of long-term operation, the salts of magnesium and calcium settle on the heating element of the boiler, this is due to the heating of the water. When the salt layer becomes thick enough, heat transfer from the heating spiral to water deteriorates. It will take more energy to heat the same volume of water. Manufacturers of boilers offer as a solution to this problem a "dry" heating element. It is inside the metal flask and does not come into contact with water itself.

Water heaters with an average capacity of a tank (up to 200 liters), are mounted on the wall with the help of powerful fasteners (brackets) included in the delivery. The volume of the water tank is chosen taking into account the amount of hot water spent per month for the needs of a particular family. One family of four will need a boiler with a volume of 80 liters.

At the same time, the power of household appliances is only 2-3 kW, which is comparable to the capacity of electric kettles used in each house. However, low power consumption is not affected by the performance of the equipment.

The voltage for the work is 220 V and the presence of ground. For an old building without grounding, it is desirable to install a protective shutdown device. In addition, a separate power supply line with a copper cable is required, the cross section of which is not less than 1.5 squares Mm and a separate circuit breaker.

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