All types of elecrical work

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 All types of elecrical work


  • Call an electrician.
  • Replacing the wiring.
  • Wiring Repairs.
  • Testing of wiring on the insulation fault.
  • Mounting of various types of cables.
  • Supplying power to the electric stove, electric oven.
  • Backlight arches doorways.
  • Supplying power to the cooking surface.


  • Highlighting the furniture.
  • Hang up, connect the chandelier.
  • Installation of outlets.
  • Cut holes for the installation of rosette groups.
  • Assembly of step-down transformers.
  • Subscription service facilities.
  • Installing spotlights.
  • Transfer or removal of electrical switchboards.
  • Mounting of switches.
  • Mounting of one-three-phase meters.
  • Assembly of the dimmer - dimmer intensity.

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  • Installing or replacing switchboard rifles.
  • Installation of an exhaust fan.
  • Repair of lighting devices.
  • Cable cross-section calculation.
  • Installation of individual wiring lines to the home appliances with high power consumption.
  • Installation of ground loops.
  • Assembly of voltage relays.
  • Connecting and configuring the boiler.
  • Faulty wiring Diagnostics after flooding.
  • Mounting of circuit breakers for the changeover of power supply systems that operate autonomously.
  • Mounting and configuring voltage stabilizers.
  • Connect inverters, power plants from independent sources.

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