Why does the circuit breaker break and the electric shield sparks

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The cause of the malfunction is poor contact

Why often breaks the circuit breaker

Several energy-intensive devices are connected and the circuit breaker cannot withstand the load.

What to do: you need to calculate the load or replace the power cable. It may be necessary to replace the circuit breaker.

machine failedA cable of a certain cross section and material (copper, aluminum) has its own capacity. If the permissible power is exceeded, the cable begins to heat up. As a result the circuit breaker trips. If you do not pay due attention to this situation and just turn on the circuit breaker, then it will fail. A circuit breaker with the parameters required for this cable will protect against this situation and disconnect the voltage in the circuit in time.

Why is a differential circuit breaker knocked out (RCD)

There is a current leak in the wiring. Need professional diagnostics of the power grid.

A problem may occur due to damage to the wiring due to flooding. What to do: do not use electrical wiring until completely dry - from a few days to several weeks, depending on the degree of flooding of the room.

The ground cable is in contact with the neutral cable. And because of this, the RCD is triggered by a current leak. What to do: diagnose the switchboard and disconnect zero from the ground.

Why the Electric Shield does spark

fix the problemCircuit breakers or wire connections do not have reliable contact. What to do: strip the cable and connect through the terminal block using a screw connection.

When installed in circuit breakers, it is necessary to ensure a reliable connection of the incoming and outgoing cable.

When the circuit breaker repeatedly trips, even at the slightest load, the contacts of the circuit breaker itself may have burned. In this case, it is necessary to replace the circuit breaker itself.

In any case, when the circuit breaker is tripped, there is a reason for it to trip. In order not to endanger yourself and your loved ones, contact an electrician to establish the reasons for the circuit breakers to trip.

The circuit breaker is not intended to protect a person from electric shock! Its purpose is to protect the electrical circuit from short circuitsturn, a differentiated circuit breaker and ground loop can protect a person from electric shock. To diagnose the cause of the circuit breakers turning off, contact a qualified electrician.

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