What to do if the wiring is short in the apartment

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We use a phase indicator

We all have ever come across a blinking light in an apartment or in a private house. You may have heard the characteristic crackling of the wiring and felt the smell of burning plastic.

All this suggests that electrical wiring needs immediate diagnosis and urgent repair or replacement.

proverka napryajeniyaIf you have the necessary skills, it is possible - specialized education, and then there is a chance to identify the problem yourself with the help of the necessary instruments. You will need: a voltage indicator, multimeter or phase indicator. It is necessary to consistently check all available sockets and lighting devices in the room and determine the location of possible damage. Recall that the work of repairing electrical wiring a professional electrician will perform in a short time and a person who does not have experience in electrical installation will need long hours to learn the basics of electrical engineering.

Why contacts are burning away

As a rule, somewhere on the connection there is an unreliable contact. There may be a twist of different types of electrical cable (as an example, copper cable is twisted with aluminum). There may be an uncompressed contact in the socket, switch or junction box. Also, there have been cases of faults in lighting or electrical appliances. In any case, if you think that the problem cannot be solved without help, you should contact an electrician.

Breakdown wiring during drilling and short circuit in the cable cores

Sometimes the owners decide to hang the shelf, kitchen cabinet or picture - you need to drill a hole and the drill falls into the electrical cable. Everyone is very unpleasant. But so, unfortunately, it happens. In this case, you must de-energize the power line, free the wiring from plaster or other finishing material, and connect the cable using a terminal block or connecting sleeves.

Cable insulation breakdown - how to determine

megometrThe quality of insulation wiring should be given special attention, because we do not see and do not know in what condition the hidden wiring. If the insulation of the cable is damaged, it is likely that it will short circuit as well as leakage current. In this case, the integrity of the insulation is checked using a megohmmeter, which will show the integrity of the insulation. The specified device has an increased risk. Therefore, only an electrician who has a certain access group has the right to work with him.

At the same time, in rare cases, the wiring of the apartment is not the cause of flashing bulbs or lack of light. In case of troubleshooting of the electrical wiring to the electric meter (burnt contacts of the wiring of the incoming cable, melted circuit breakers), it is necessary to contact the power supply company and call the emergency brigade.

Calling an electrician is the best solution

schitok avariynyiThe causes of the short circuit in the wiring can be many - and for the diagnosis you need to have not only a professional electrician tool. We need deep knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, an understanding of the norms and rules that are required to ensure safety when working with electric current. Therefore, a call to electrician of our company is the best solution to the issue of repair wiring.

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