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About Tok-Profi. Frequently Asked Questions

Services of the Tok-Profi company are always in demand by residents of the capital and Kiev region. The company employs electricians with a higher electrical engineering education and performing electrical work of the required type of complexity. Customers of works pay attention in the headings "electrician Kiev" to specialists whose prices for electrical installation look quite attractive & nbsp; and invite masters, certified by them in excellent professional qualities. It is useful to know that in addition to the low price for services, the person who will carry out the electrical installation must have permission to work on electrical installations with voltages up to and above 1000 V.

What are our prices for the visit of an electrician to a customer in Kiev and Kiev region?

The cost of the arrival of our electrician to the customer is 0 UAH. We do not include the cost of transportation for the electrician in the price of the "minimum call" service. You pay only for the completion of the work.

What is included in the cost of the "minimum call" service for an electrician from TokProfi?

The price of the "minimum call" includes the cost of an electrician's work on a complete diagnosis of your electrical wiring and repair of the wiring with the elimination of the damage found. Service cost - 490 UAH.

If you just need to calculate the cost of an electrician repairing or replacing electrical wiring, do you have to pay for it?

Our electrician will answer in detail all questions regarding the cost of repairs by phone. The consultation is free. If, to calculate the cost of repairing the wiring, it is necessary to diagnose it, you pay for the "minimum call" service - UAH 490. The cost of drawing up a full estimate for the replacement of the wiring, taking into account the materials, will be 5% of the cost of the proposed work.

What is the cost of replacing electrical wiring in an apartment in Kiev?

To replace the wiring, it is necessary to carry out the following types of electrical work: dismantling of old electrical wiring laying of a groove (in a brick or concrete wall) - from 120 UAH. for m / n

cable laying - 15 UAH. for m / n

installation of groups of indoor / outdoor sockets - from 70 UAH. pcs.

installation of internal / external switches - from 70 UAH. PC.

installation of an electrical panel, depending on the number of required circuit breakers - from 500 UAH.

Thrifty owners try to do the electrical installation themselves, not knowing what the consequences of poor-quality work will lead to. It is unsafe for amateurs to joke with electric shock, illiterate handling of it will render equipment and property unusable. Damage to a person by a discharge of current over 60 V can be fatal.

The company "Tok- Profi" pass qualification training, certification pass on the admission of a group have a set of manual and electric tools, the right to provide services electrician at home, in the office or at work.

Priority - the interests of the customer

Timely treatment to the company is free consultation electricians on the phone helped many of our clients save money. Site visit is not necessary - the master can thoroughly explain to the customer how to fix minor problems yourself. If the light was gone - will be enough, turning off lights and appliances, included in the circuit breaker panel.

Call of the master will be convenient to make a call, and on our site, leaving your contacts for feedback.

Electrical different kind of difficulty

The electricians Kiev, working in the company "Tok- Profi" will perform all the work, from the initial search for the causes of failure to conduct a complete replacement or installation of new wiring, wiring harness, assembly of boards, repair and mounting fixtures, installation or group transfer sockets and switches.

The priority of «Tok-Profi » is prices for wiring (see our price list). No advance payment for the order. There is an opportunity to discuss with our payment for master.

Today, electrical repair or installation requires the introduction of advanced projects to create a comfortable living space creative. The company "Tok-Profi" will provide professionals of the trade. 

Trust experienced professionals