Elektricians in Poznyaki

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Services for the repair and replacement of electrical wiring

elektromontaj poznyakiTo make repairs and not think about problems with wiring for 20 years ... This idea is often visited by citizens who stumble over extension cords stretched from the last working outlet throughout the apartment and use a smartphone as a flashlight to visit the bathroom. Yes, our electricians have a wealth of experience in communicating with such customers and to the question: "how can we hold out until the summer" despite the fact that there is a short circuit in the apartment and knocks out a 25 amp circuit breaker, delivered in violation of all the rules instead of 16 amp, we boldly we answer: "You need a complete replacement of the electrical wiring!"

No, we are not trying to impose expensive unnecessary work on you. The condition of the electrical wiring in old buildings is really deplorable. Our electricians are constantly faced with situations when, when replacing a socket or a switch, the old aluminum cable simply crumbles in their hands. But the fire safety of your apartment depends on the condition of this cable!

Dear residents of the Poznyaki district, especially those living in old houses! Calling in an electrician on time, fully diagnosing the power grid and eliminating faults such as twists, molten wiring insulation, short circuits in junction boxes, sockets and switches will help protect your property from fires, which are often covered by all the news channels.

Services of masters from "Tok Profi" are very popular among residents of new buildings in Poznyaky

When it is necessary for the electrician to arrive quickly at Poznyaky, as well as to the Kharkivskiy district - one should definitely turn to "Tok Profi". Quick arrival and attentiveness to the forthcoming work are for our masters of electrical installation the main priorities. And for customers timely handling and troubleshooting of the electrical network guarantees no undesirable consequences.

Consuming electrical appliances surround us everywhere. And periodically they, unfortunately, break. Accordingly - need a replacement or repair.

Company services

 "Tok Profi" provides electricians living near the metro station Poznyaki; As well as throughout the city of Kiev. Electricians "Tok Profi" perform:

Installation of electrical wiring

Consultations for the installation yourself

Installation of chandeliers, spotlights

Installation of switches, sockets and other electrical implements

Connections of pass-through switches

Connection of protection of electric consumers - ouzo, voltage relay, stabilizers

Assembly of electrical boards

Installation of outdoor systems for lighting of adjacent areas

By calling our electrician, you can be sure of timely and skilled work.

Connecting electrical appliances

Due to illiterate connections of electric appliances, serious problems can arise in the near future. To fix the problem, you will need an urgent call of a specialist.

Cost of calling an electrician

Our prices for services are available here. No additional costs - in payment for an electrician's call to Poznyaky, work is also included. Prices are quite affordable even for people with small incomes.

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