Calling an electrician in Kharkovsky

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Condition of wiring in houses of the 1990s

Installation of an external junction boxThe Kharkivskiy housing estate (originally called the Kharkivskoe highway) is a developing residential area in the city of Kiev, built on the left bank of the Dnepr River. The beginning of building - the mid-1980s, mostly 9-storey buildings were built. Wiring in them was laid quality, the period of its operation - at least 25 years.

However, the old wiring does not cope with the loads that arise due to the inclusion of powerful household appliances, the protective system does not work, and the power grid will not be able to function as it should. Examining the wiring in the old panel houses in Kharkovsky, electricians note the need for its full or partial replacement.

The choice between partial or complete replacement of wiring is done by the owner of the apartment, after listening to the recommendations of an electrician and focusing on the individual characteristics of the living quarters. The most common method is the replacement of aluminum wires with copper ones. When the apartment is completely renovated, the new copper wiring is a profitable investment, as the service life is much longer than the aluminum one.

Electrical wiring in new apartments

Installation of a group of socketsA lot of Residential complex built since the beginning of 2000 on the Kharkovsky  housing estate are rented with communications and installed electricity meters installed in the apartments. In this case, it is assumed that the buyer of new housing will perform electrical installation on their own.

By electrical wiring we mean the laying of cables, the installation of all outlets and switches (electrical fittings), the assembly of an electrical panel, the installation and disconnection of circuit breakers, as well as additional devices for the protection of electrical appliances.

Before carrying out electrical work, the customer must determine the location of outlets and switches, the number of lamps, the location of the points of connection of TV and the Internet.

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