Electrician services in the Kiev region

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Electrical work in the Kiev region

Electrician in the houseFor residents of apartments, cottages, cottages and private houses in the Kiev region, the call of an electrician is a very popular service, because many devices and systems used in them (such as heating systems) depend on electricity. The call of an electrician in the Vasilkovskiy and Obukhovsky Districts of the Kiev Region gives an opportunity to quickly cope with domestic technical problems.

"Tok Profi" offer residents of Bespyatny, Hodosovka, Tarasovka, and Small Dmitrovich, Bezradichi assistance of qualified electricians in the maintenance of electrical networks, their timely diagnosis and troubleshooting.

The terms of service and the time of operation of the systems on which the life support of the home depends can be extended through timely preventive maintenance. The probability of unplanned repairs or spare parts orders is reduced. Carrying out of preventive maintenance will help to reveal significant “jumps” of a voltage in a network as our electricians always first of all measure voltage with the help of a multimeter. Such voltage deviations are very typical for houses built in summer cottages, and can lead to breakdown of connected household appliances.

Our electrician will help you to save home equipment from destructive “jumps” of voltage. In doing so, he will give the necessary consultation on the installation of protective devices.

Consultation of an electrician

Indoor wiringIf a decision is made to build or purchase a residential building, then in this case, an electrician is required to diagnose the installed electrical wiring or, if the construction of the house is not yet completed, "Tok Profi" offers a turnkey electrical wiring service. Periodically inspecting old wiring (especially in houses built before 1990) is also very important, especially if residents often have problems with lack of light or part of the outlets do not work.

Of course, the owners can try to eliminate some minor breakdowns themselves, for example — replace the circuit breaker or repair the outlet. However, if you often have to eliminate such minor problems — this can serve as a signal for a serious problem with the power grid. Identify and eliminate it can only a competent electrician who has a professional tool, devices for diagnosing the electricity network, and most importantly — acquired over the years of work experience and knowledge.

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