Services of an electrician in Hodosovka

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Calling the master

Cabling on the ceilingThe installation of high-quality and reliable wiring and its subsequent work affects the comfort of each suburban residence. A large number of household appliances used by inhabitants significantly burdens the power grid and leads to malfunctions in its operation. In this regard, the call of an electrician in the Hodosovka can be needed at any time.

In order not to change the usual pace of life, these issues must be addressed urgently. However, the electrician's call to Hodosovka does not guarantee that your wiring will be corrected in the near future. Nevertheless, electricians of "Tok Profi" do their best to quickly arrive to the customer and repair the malfunction.

We offer the services of an electrician to the inhabitants of Hodosovka:

Holes under the socket Wiring or complete replacement of electrical wiring;

Emergency departure of the master;

We connect the electric stove;

We will change the burned circuit breakers;

Installation and connection or repair of installed sconces, chandeliers, lamps;

We will put electro fittings - sockets, switches, dimmers (dimmers);

Installation of LED lighting;

Set the twilight relay.

The master will perform these works on schedule. At the same time, we guarantee to our customers the high quality of the work performed and provide free consultations on any electrical issues.

Safe wiring

Socket InstallationIf you need to transfer the switch or move the sockets, you need to understand that the execution of wiring will entail the cost of cosmetic decoration (puttying of walls and walls painting). Calling an electrician in Hodosovka is the best way to order the necessary electrical work. Electrical installation, like other types of work, has its own implementation rules and, without knowing them, there is a risk of losing time and money.

As an example, the slashing of walls for wiring is performed only strictly horizontally or vertically with respect to the floor. With such a rule, the probability of damage to the wires in the future is reduced.

The main electrical work is not recommended, without having the experience to avoid dangerous consequences. An error in the calculation or incorrect connection may result in a short circuit and cause a fire. It is better to entrust this complex of works to professionals.

Trust experienced professionals