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"Tok Profi" offers electrician services in Kiev and Kiev region

"Tok Profi" offers residents of Kiev and Kiev region specialized electrician services for troubleshooting old electrical communications. Our craftsmen perform all types of work - from complex wiring repairs to replacing a faulty outlet.

All materials posted on our website contain recommendations from professional electricians. After reviewing them, you will find out the main causes of power supply faults, and possibly find answers to your questions.

We recommend that you visit our website regularly. We take a close look at our customers' problems and post interesting information on the most popular electrical issues. Here you will also find information about the promotions offered by «Tok Profi».

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Our services

Electrician emergency call

Urgent departure in case of emergency

Installation of electrical points

We will replace the wiring with a new one

Lighting installation and repair

We will hang a chandelier, sconces, ceiling lamps

Replacing the electrical wiring in the apartment

Full or partial replacement of wiring in an apartment or private house

Replacement of circuit breakers

Installation and connection of the electrical panel

Installation of the "smart home" system

Controlling your home lighting system from your smartphone

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Feedback from our customers

Отзывы заказчиков



Expected to have to change the wiring in the wall. The foreman quickly found the problem and repaired everything very carefully. I am pleased with the work of the master.

Отзывы о работе электрика



The electricians arrived on time, as we agreed. They hung up the chandelier, replaced the sockets, and did everything quickly and efficiently. I am satisfied with the work.

Our prices

Initial draft electrical work

Concrete grooves
  1. Install floor in concrete
  2. Install the junction box
  3. Pave the grooves in the concrete wall

150.00 ₴ m/n

Install electrical accessories

Hang chandelier
  1. Install and plug sockets
  2. Install and connect the switch
  3. Install spotlights

250.00 ₴ /item

Connect household appliances

Connect the boiler
  1. Connect the hob
  2. Connect the electric stove
  3. Connect the oven

from 290.00 ₴ /item

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Our electrician will answer all questions
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Dust-free wall drilling for electrical wiring

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Why does the circuit breaker break and the electric shield sparks

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